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Iberico Striploin 黑毛猪西冷排 (150-390g) (2-4pax)
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Brand DeRaza ibérico.
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Iberico Loin 黑毛猪排

  • Loin lomo (Pork chop steak)Loin Skin of Iberian Pork is at the back both sides of the Iberico pig The fiber is thick and the meat is rose-garnet color with marbled lines and less fats is found in it . It is slightly chewy and full of real meat. It is suitable for simple whole slices, Fried, Grilled, and Deep Fried Pork Chops.


  • 背里肌位於豬的背脊部兩側,纖維厚實,肉質 呈現玫瑰石榴色帶有大理石紋路油脂較少的部位,略有嚼勁富含真實肉感,適合整片簡單,煎,烤,炸豬排。