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Iberico Meaty Spare Ribs 黑毛猪厚肋排 (900-1999g) (10-15 Pax)
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Brand DeRaza ibérico.
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Meaty Spare Ribs


Iberico Meaty Spare Ribs 黑毛猪厚肋排

  • Meaty Spare Ribs -  The all time best seller .Maety Spare ribs is the simplest and most delicious part of Iberico pig. A large amount of meat and fats is evenly distributed between the ribs, giving it rich of tenderness and juicy , so it has become a delicate food. The ribs is very suitable for grilling or oven bake. Easy to prepare and delicious.


  • 厚肉肋排骨是黑毛豬中最簡單又滋味的部位。大量的脂肪分布在肋排骨之間,令它擁有豐富多變的處理做法,因此成為一款精緻的食物,肋排骨上覆蓋著厚厚的肉,其中富含脂肪,非常適合整排燒烤和在烤箱中烹飪。