Homemade Chicken Chop 住家腌制鸡扒 (200gram)(3 Flavors)
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Chicken Chop

Homemade Chicken Chop 特色住家鸡扒

  • Fully handmade and homemade to ensure no "preservatives"
  • Made from a generously thicker than usual Chicken Thigh, that will burst with aromatic juice and good bite with a almost crispy skin.
  • Defrost  ( 30min ) in advance, Air-Fryer/Owen (180 degrees/15min) or pan fried.


  • 全手工住家制作,保证没有 “防腐剂”
  • 去骨鸡腿由秘方蜂蜜和番茄粉腌制而成,您一定会喜欢这道美味多汁的鸡排,具有微微芳香风味
  • 先退冰 ( 30分钟 ) ,气炸锅 180度 / 15分钟,或者煎至金黄就可享用。