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Sashimi Grade Bluefin Tuna Otoro 刺身级蓝鳍鲔鱼腩
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Otoro 鲔鱼腩

Bluefin Tuna Otoro 蓝鳍鲔鱼腩

  • Sashimi Grade, direct serve with after defrost.

  • OTORO is the top-grade sashimi, with pink color, melt-in-the-mouth, long-lasting fragrance, rich in D.H.A. The meat is fresh and smooth with a strong unique fragrance. It is a treasure


  • 刺身级,退冰后直接享用。
  • OTORO 為最上級生魚片,色澤粉紅、入口即化、香味久久不散的,含豐富的D.H.A,肉質鮮滑而帶有濃郁的特有香味,是老饕眼中的珍寶。