Premium Chicken Chop 上等特色酱鸡扒 (250gram)(2 Flavors)
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Premium Chicken Chop 上等特色酱鸡扒

  • Specially selected in cooperation with a western restaurant that operates for more than  20 years, each chicken chop is made of extra-large chicken legs and a Unique sauce to ensure that it is the same taste that you can eat in the restaurant.
  • Defrost  ( 30min ) in advance, Air-Fryer/Owen (180 degrees/15min) or pan fried.
  • Unique sauce only reheat with pan or microwave 2min will do


  • 特选和一家超过20年的西餐厅合作,每份鸡扒是采用特大鸡腿再搭配一份独特配酱 ,保证就是在餐厅吃到的那种风味。

  • 先退冰 ( 30分钟 ) ,气炸锅 180度 / 15分钟 或者煎至金黄就可享用。
  • 独特配酱只需煮回热,或者微波炉 2分钟就可以。