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Iberico Presa 黑毛猪肩颈肉 (200-490g) (2-4 Pax)
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Iberico Presa 黑毛猪肩颈肉

  • Presa - (aka the "waygu" of the pork) 
    Its the most expensive part of the Spanish Iberico Pig. Its famous for its beautifully marbling and tenderness of the meat. Just simply Pan-fry with some olive oil, with abit of salt and black pepper. And you will enjoy the tenderness and the juiciness of the meat.


  • Presa -( 又名猪肉界的“和牛” ) 它是西班牙伊比利亚猪的最昂贵的部分。它以其精美的大理石花纹和柔软而闻名。只需用一些橄榄油,少许盐和黑胡椒煎炸即可。您将享受到肉的嫩度和多汁性。